Good evening everyone! Today Sandra and I have had time to do quite a lot.

This morning Sandra and I got up at around 09:30, when we got up we made ourselves some breakfast, Oboy, toasted rye bread with cheese slices and sliced cucumber. While we ate breakfast we watched some series. After breakfast, we took a short walk and went via an outside gym where we looked at the equipment and tried some of them after we went to the shop where we bought whip cream and whole fat milk, which we needed when we planned to make pancake for dinner.

When we got back from our short walk we relaxed for a while and then I made some spaghetti and we heated up the leftover sauce from yesterday. A while after lunch, Sandra and I went on a date, the weather was absolutely beautiful so it was meant to be. We went to a small café where I had cafe mocha and a mud cake and Sandra had hot cocoa with a mud cake as well, the café was really cosy because it was in a quite old house so you kind of felt like home. After we had finished at the café we took a walk alongside the Aura river, there we saw some ducks and also took some beautiful pictures of the scenery, right before we got back to the apartment I looked up where St. Katarina church is and it is actually really close to where I live so we had a look at it as well, beautiful church indeed.

When we got back home from the date we played some family games, ‘Who’s there?’ and some card games. After that Sandra began studying and I washed the dishes and then made batter pudding,  while it was in the oven for 30 minutes, Sandra whipped some whip cream, we just took it out of the oven and we are now letting it cool down and soon we will eat it!

Tonight we will most likely just chill and watch series and/or a movie. Hope you will have a great night and I will talk to you again tomorrow!

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