Thursday through Friday

Good afternoon everybody, how has your day been?

Yesterday when we walked home from the train station where I had picked up Sandra, we bought some lunch for ourselves, a falafel roll which we shared 50/50, it was quite tasty but a bit dry. After that, we just relaxed and watched some series before I went to my guest lecture at 15:15. The lecture was one of the best guests lectures I have ever been on, it really got me excited and eager to start coding more frequently.

When I came back home Sandra had already prepared basically everything we needed to eat tortillas, that was lovely and delicious. After dinner, we relaxed for the rest of the evening and watched series, Youtube and a movie called ‘What the health’ which is a movie/documentary about why humans should not eat processed meat and how eating such is linked with all sorts of sickness. It was quite the eye-opener and made you wonder if trying to eat more plant-based food would be the next thing to try, I really recommend the movie!

Today we got up at around right after 10:00, we did not really eat a proper breakfast because we had planned to go to a Thai restaurant and eat lunch, so we ate the leftover chocolate balls we had made yesterday. After we had eaten lunch at Zhong Hua, we took a walk to City Market and bought all the ingredients for a mango pie, on our way back home we walked via ‘Kuppis parken’ which is a beautiful garden of some sort where there are a lot of trees, plants, bushes and also they have an enclosure where there are different kinds of birds and some goats. We also took some pictures while we were there and we found the most beautiful road there with trees on both sides of it with beautiful yellow leaves.

When we actually got back home we sat down and watched an episode of a series and then we realised we had not put all the stuff we bought into the fridge and we thought like ‘Oh shit’, we had bought some frozen mango for the pie so we decided instead of basically re-freezing it, we would make the pie today instead of tomorrow. When we started baking the pie we also realised we did not have any custard sauce, while Sandra finished the pie, I ran to the shop and bought some.

Now we are doing some homework and after that, we will make spaghetti with Quorn mince sauce and when we have eaten we will take a shower and after that, I will finish my assignment and Sandra read some homework and when we are done we will watch series, Idol and maybe a movie if we have got time for it, while we watch stuff we will eat the hopefully, delicious mango pie.

Hope you have had a great day and I will talk to you tomorrow probably if I take time to write something in the evening.

Here are the pictures from today.

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