Up late and crispy salmon

Good late late evening everyone!

Today I have played until I went to a lecture at 13:30, where we talked about how to make functional test cases, it was interesting and I actually learned something this time. When I went home I went via the shop and bought some stuff, including salmon fillet, cream soda and meat tart.

For lunch, I ate the meat tarts with cream soda to drink, I have never had a cream soda before and I actually thought it was really tasty. After lunch, I continued working on my project and I have almost finished this assignment, I will most likely finish it tomorrow. After I had worked on the project for a while, I decided to try and make crispy salmon and guess what, I actually managed to pull it off. This is what it looked like.

Now I am watching Youtube and might play some Assassin’s Creed before I go to sleep. I had planned to do some cleaning today but I decided that I would work more on the project and try to do all the cleaning I can tomorrow morning before my girlfriend arrives.

Talk to you more tomorrow, good night!

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