Autumn Tuesday

Good afternoon everyone!

I woke up at around 08:30 but did not get up until 10:00, I then played some Assassin’s Creed Syndicate and some PUBG with a friend. I have just eaten lunch and have now started working on my project again, the weather today is bad like always here, grey and raining from time to time. 😀

I have still got about four functions to implement and one to finish, it is quite a lot of work since I do not have any past knowledge of working with Django but luckily there is great documentation. I might take a break from the project for a short time and maybe go for a walk or jog depending on how the weather is by then. Today I think I will have boiled eggs for dinner with some bread perhaps.

Now I am going to continue working and I might give you an update later today.
Hope you will have a great day and see you later! 🙂

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