Almost done with the project

Good evening everyone! How has your day been?

Mine has been quite good and I have gotten some good progress on my project, I have so that almost everything works now and I just need to add some rules and conditions to the stuff and I will be done. I am really surprised at how fast I suddenly progressed today, I was just reading the documentation and looking at the example and when I tried to implement it myself it worked almost instantly. 😀

Tonight when I decided that I was done for the day with the project, I have skyped with my girlfriend, which has been a lot of fun and lovely. ❤

Tomorrow, like I have said before, I will do some cleaning before my girlfriend comes over on Thursday morning and I also have a lab session from 13:30 to 15:00. Now I am going to watch some Youtube or play some games as per usual.

This is what it has looked like for me all day basically.


Good night and I will talk to you tomorrow again!

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