Busy day

Good evening everybody!

How has your day been? Mine has been quite fun and busy for most of the day. I got up fairly early at around 09:00 and just watched some Youtube and played some games until maybe 13:30, I made myself some food, pasta carbonara and then went to the shop and bought some necessities.

When I got back home I did some clean runs on my coffee machine, just running water through it, when the cleaning was done I made myself some coffee and began working on my project, there was quite a lot of problems on the way but I worked on it for maybe 6 hours in total, in that time I fixed some problems and added some new features but some are still not fully implemented. I am proud of what I have achieved so far and tomorrow will be quite similar to today, minus the shopping.

After I was done working on the project, my girlfriend and I watched some series which was fun as always! ❤ On Wednesday I will need to do some proper cleaning before she comes here, it is not messy here but I will do some vacuuming and maybe even wash the floor. She comes quite early on Thursday, I will not have much time to do any cleaning then so that is why I will do it on Wednesday.

We have planned quite a few things since she will be here for almost two days longer than usual. When we walk home when she arrives we will go via a ‘bar/restaurant’ where we will buy falafel roll and share it when we come home, later that day I will have a lecture and Sandra will stay at home and prepare some vegetables and stuff for us to eat with tortillas when I get back home from the lecture. It will feel so wonderful to walk into the apartment and smell all the things she has prepared, I will then help with the minced meat and then we will eat. On Friday we will go and eat lunch at a Thai restaurant and in the evening make spaghetti and hopefully find some Quorn to make a sauce with. One other thing planned is that we might bake a mango pie on Saturday which I am looking forward to seeing the result of, other than that we are just going to have fun and have wonderful cosy evenings. ❤

Here are the images of my coffee machine and to-go mug. I have used them both today and they are fantastic!


Now I will probably just watch some Youtube or play some games before I go to bed, hope you have had a wonderful day and I will talk to you tomorrow! Good night!

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