Back at my apartment

Good night? everyone.

Today I have not done much more than relaxed, watched Youtube and packed. On our way to the train station, we went to my grandparent’s house to visit, it was nice to see them again and see that they are doing better. I had quite a lot of stuff to carry about 3 km when I got back to Turku so my grandmom gave me 50 € if I promised to take a taxi. When we later arrived at the train station the train was delayed by 10 minutes, while I was on the train I worked mostly on the assignment and got some progress on it but tomorrow I will have to work more on it.

I arrived in Turku on time at around 20:55, then I looked for a taxi and saved up courage to go and ask, in Finnish, if I need to order a taxi or if the taxis that are parked here are available, luckily they were available so I hopped in and did my best to small talk in Finnish, I am quite proud of my performance and I got home safe and sound.

When I got into my apartment, I packed up all things I had received when I was home, I got a digital device to weigh food, a coffee machine some chair pads, some small stuff and a very handy to-go coffee mug. I will try to remember to upload images of them tomorrow.

The nest thing I am really really excited about is that it is soon Thursday and then my lovely girlfriend will come over. ❤ We have so much fun stuff planned so I am just waiting for it to be Thursday already. :p Please hurry! ❤

Now I am going to watch some Youtube before I go to bed so good night to you all! 🙂

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