Home sweet home

Good evening everybody!

Today has been quite a good day even though I have been sitting in a train for half of it. I have even gotten some progress on my project which I am really happy about, all the errors I had have been fixed and it is now working, still have few functions I need to implement still.

When I got home I finally got to see my doggie again. 😍 I have missed him so much and it was so lovely to be able to cuddle with him again! After that I had dinner, spaghetti, which was delicious as always, I took quite much food so I almost had too much but I ate it all.

After dinner I went down to my room and played on my electric guitar which I have not down in a while since I did not bring it along when I moved because I thought it would take up too much space. It was a lot of fun, when I was done playing I continued working on the project until they shouted from upstairs that one of my brothers had stopped by to come in for some coffee, after coffee I went down again and continued working for a while and after that I watched some series with my girlfriend.

Now I am just watching some videos on Youtube and will probably go to sleep soon because tomorrow I will go and help my brother move some stuff at his summer cottage which I have not been to yet, excited to see what it looks like there.

Hope you have had a great day and good night!

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