Late dinner – Egg and macaronies

Good evening everyone!

Today’s lecture was really interesting, we talked about different types of security threats in a web service/application and also how you can defend yourself from them. When I was walking home the rain was coming down hard and the wind was crazy which made the walk home absolutely horrific and cold.

When I got home, I made some hot chocolate to warm myself up and played some games, as usual. Tonight I had late dinner at around 20:15, fancy as I am, I decided to make just something from whatever I could find, so it ended up as boiled eggs with macaronies. I was not sure if I could put ketchup on the macaronies or not, decided not to because I assume it would not mix well with the egg taste. 😀 I can not say that it was delicious but it filled me up, it was quite dry though so I hope that I can figure out some type of sauce I can have with it if I make it again.

Tonight I might plan what I am going to bring along home when I leave tomorrow, the train departs at 13:05 and I arrive at 17:53 at Pännäinen and I will be picked up by one of my parents and then we have got a 15 min car ride until I am finally home. Tomorrow I will pack the things I have decided to bring and I will probably eat some more eggs or something for lunch before I walk to the train station. On the train ride, which takes about 5 hours, I will most likely sit and program on my third assignment and hopefully get a lot done.

I will probably post something here before I leave tomorrow so stay tuned and have a nice evening. 🙂

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