This is where the title is supposed to be

Good afternoon everyone, hope you are having a great day!

Today I got up at around 09:40 and watched some Youtube and played some video games before I walked to get a certificate which proves that I am studying at university level, I will hand it to the municipality office and they will give me an amount of scholarship money because of it. After I had retrieved the certificate I went to the school restaurant and had lunch, some rice with some sort of meat and bacon crumbs. After lunch, I had a lab session where we discussed some translation and security stuff in Django, it was quite interesting thanks to the security stuff.


Today the weather has been absolutely beautiful for almost the whole day. My sweet tooth started acing when I was walking home from school, which resulted in me buying some sweets, Pepsi Max Ginger (have not tried it before but it tastes amazing if you like the taste of ginger) and a chocolate bar.


I have played some more games when I got back home and will probably play some more, later on, I am now watching some Youtube and been thinking about trying to start working on my third assignment, the requirements are a few more than the last one but they are not too difficult, I hope.

Lately, I have been playing my guitar quite often and sung quite often too, even though I still am not comfortable singing in front of people, I still like singing and the only one who I dare to sing to live is my girlfriend. 😀 ❤ I hope that with practice I will become a better singer, my guitar playing is not that bad because I have played the guitar for more than 10 years so I am not as focused on practising my guitar playing.

Bildresultat för practice makes perfect

Hope you will have a great day and I will talk to you some other time.

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