Good afternoon!

Did you know that today is World Mental Health Day? My girlfriend told me that this morning, it is good that there is a day dedicated to mental health since it is a topic that sometimes gets overlooked because it is a topic that people find hard talking about. I know a few people who struggle with some type of mental health disorder and I would like to point out that these people are some of the strongest people I know. For all, you out there struggling with a mental health disorder, stay strong, fight through it and try to talk to people close to you about it and you will be surprised at how much you actually are able to do than you might think.

Today I woke up at around 07:00 but got up at around 09:00, when I woke up I made myself a cup of hot chocolate and played some Rocket League for a while with one of my friends. Now I have been listening to a podcast and I am about to watch a Swedish cooking show called “Kockarnas kamp”, where chefs from around Sweden compete against each other in different elements of cooking.

Hope you will have the most awesome day today and I will talk to you later today or tomorrow!


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