Monday with a hint of weekend

Good afternoon everybody!

Today I woke up quite early but did not get up until around 09:15, I did not really have an appetite to eat anything for breakfast so I only had a cup of hot chocolate. After my breakfast, I walked to school and had a lecture and lunch, for lunch I ate at the school restaurant and they had Pasta Carbonara there and it was really tasty, I also took some broccoli and grated carrot on the side. Broccoli I so good and healthy and I do not understand how people can not like it.


Today I have not planned much, I will order some train tickets for Friday when I am heading home for the weekend but other than that I am justing going to relax. The weather the past days and week has been cloudy and a lot of rain, I do not mind being outside in the rain but it is not fun and I do not like exercising in it since it feels like you have a higher chance of getting sick because of the cold rain.

Tomorrow I do not have any lectures so I will probably start working on assignment 3 that has a deadline in about 2 weeks, also a new episode of a podcast I follow will come out so I will most likely listen to that while I work on the assignment.

Today I think I will make some sausage with macaronies since I have eaten carrot-quinoa steak two days in a row so I want something different today! 😀
I have not planned anything special for the weekend when I am going home, I might if it possible, go and visit my brother’s new summer cottage but if that is not possible I will probably just visit my brothers at their homes. I am excited to see how much my brother’s dog and kids have grown since I last saw them!

Now I am going to watch some Youtube, play games, play the guitar or something like that. Hope you have a great day and I will talk to you tomorrow.

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