Autumn is coming

Good morning!

This morning I and Sandra had our alarm on 06:00 but we got up at around 06:40, we set our alarms really early so that we could stay in bed for a while before getting up. For breakfast, we ate some toasted rye bread with avocado and cheese that we bought yesterday. I arrived back home around an hour ago, we started walking at around 08:00 towards the school where the bus would leave from. I am now drinking some Vitamin Well Antioxidant with peach flavour and watching some Youtube.


Yesterday we made ourselves food for both lunch and dinner, for lunch we made carrot-quinoa steaks with couscous, boiled vegetables and a homemade sauce made from sour cream, ketchup and salt; easy to make but so delicious and fit all sorts of food. For dinner, we made herb bread in the oven and a pasta salad with tomatoes, cucumber, honeymelon and avocado. We drizzled some lemon and thousand island dressing on the salad, it was very tasty.

After we had dinner we played some board games, Guess who and Alias. Later in the evening we had a cosy evening and sat it my sofa under a blanket and watched Swedish Idol and Fångarna på fortet, after that we went to bed and fell asleep quite fast.

Next Friday I am planning on going back home for the weekend, it will be nice to see what has happened there, if anything has, since I last was there. I have not been home yet since I moved about 5 weeks ago, looking forward to seeing how my lovely dog is doing, miss him so much! ❤
In two weeks on Thursday, my girlfriend will have a long time off from school, autumn break, she will come here already on Thursday morning basically, looking forward to it soooo sooo much! ❤ We have planned a few thing to do so it is going to be wonderful.

On Friday I also finished my assignment, application and a report for it and submitted it and now waiting for it to get graded.

Now I am going to continue watching Youtube and hopefully get some people to play some PUBG with or something. Hope you will have a great day.

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