Good evening everybody!

I took this picture earlier today and is it not beautiful?


Today I have finished my assignment and tomorrow I will write a report and hand it in. Hopefully, I have done everything according to the requirements, I am fairly confident that there is not anything major wrong with it so far.

I ate late lunch at Subway today and tried the tuna sub, it was tasty but oh did I get almost too full after it. Before I walked to Subway I had walked to pick up my graphics card, after I came home from my lecture I finished some stuff and began replacing my old card with the new one. The computer is back up and running now and working better than ever, the performance improvement is huge!

Tomorrow at around 21:00 Sandra will arrive in Turku by bus, then I am going to go and walk her home to my apartment! ❤ She has some school related stuff on Saturday during the morning but after we will go back to the apartment and have lunch, vegetable steaks with couscous and a homemade sauce are on the menu, YUMMM!! Later on Saturday, we are just going to relax and have a cosy evening with a lot of good stuff to eat and maybe some things to drink as well. I do need to clean up a bit and vacuum here in the apartment but that will not take too long though.

Hope you have had a good day and I will talk to you again tomorrow!

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