Super Smoothie

Good morning!

I am now at school waiting for my Programming 4 lecture to begin, I am drinking a smoothie for breakfast and it is so delicious and refreshing. This morning I decided to start wearing my scarf again, it is autumn and cold enough so it is more suitable for me to wear it so I do not start freezing when it is windy.

I also got a message today that the graphic card I ordered on Monday morning has now been sent from the company to the post office, I will hopefully get it tomorrow but it might take until Friday as well. I also need to go and buy a dvi cable since the card I bought does not support vga, for the better though because dvi is better than vga, I am happy to upgrade!

I had some good progress with my project yesterday as well, I implemented the search and edit functions. Now there is only the ability to switch between currencies that I need to implement. I have a vague idea om how I am going to do it, but I also need to fix a small problem I have when creating an auction, the input string get stripped so only the first word is saved. But when I edit and update an existing auction, all words are saved and it is working like it is supposed to. Odd indeed.

Now my lecture starts, have a great day and I might talk to you later!

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