Finally done with it

Good evening to you all. I am feeling quite good now because I just handed in the last assignment for the project! I am proud of what I have accomplished because I did not think that I would be able to fix all the requirements that I did. Yesterday I had school between 10:15 and … Continue reading Finally done with it

New start tomorrow

Good evening to you all and hope you have had a good day. This morning I got up at around 09:00 or 10:00, do not really remember. 😀 I then played some games and watched some Youtube. After I had done that I decided to go to the shop and buy some stuff so I … Continue reading New start tomorrow

End of October with a new period

Good evening! Today I have done nothing productive which I would have like to, the assignment is due on Tuesday and I have not touched it yet but I am most likely just going to implement a few of the requirements so I am not too stressed out about it. On Monday my new period … Continue reading End of October with a new period

Exam day Friday

Good afternoon everybody and hope you are having a great day! Yesterday I sat for half of the day to study for the exam I had today. The most important parts I wrote down on post-it notes and put them up on the wall above my monitor. Looks quite funny but I find that it … Continue reading Exam day Friday

Seventeen to go

Good afternoon! This morning I got up at around 09:40, I decided that I would play some games for a little while before I start studying for tomorrow's exam. I have now found all the PDFs I will read through which there are 17 of, most of them are around 15-30 slides long but a … Continue reading Seventeen to go

Almost snowing

Good evening everyone. Today has been a very normal "do nothing" day again, played games and watched Youtube has been on the todo list all day long basically. Today the weather forecast has shown that it is supposed to start snowing here. 😍 But when I went to the shop tonigt it was 50/50 snow … Continue reading Almost snowing

Cold Tuesday

Good evening everyone! Today I have done pretty much nothing, I have played video games all day long with the exception of going for a short run at around 14:00, it has been quite a while since I last took a run so it was a bit tough. While I was running I checked to … Continue reading Cold Tuesday

First time I have done this

Good afternoon to you all! Today's weather has been really beautiful and I have been to the shop and enjoyed the weather. When I went to the shop I bought some stuff I needed to make lunch today. When I got back home from the shop I washed dishes and then began cooking spaghetti with … Continue reading First time I have done this

Sunday with some mango pie

Good evening to you all. Yesterday in the evening right before we went to bed we sat for maybe an hour and sang while I played the guitar, that was really really cosy and it is so much fun to sing and play with Sandra. Also on Friday evening I finished my assignment and handed it … Continue reading Sunday with some mango pie


Good evening everyone! Today Sandra and I have had time to do quite a lot. This morning Sandra and I got up at around 09:30, when we got up we made ourselves some breakfast, Oboy, toasted rye bread with cheese slices and sliced cucumber. While we ate breakfast we watched some series. After breakfast, we … Continue reading Saturday