Evening update

Good evening!

I am now drinking tea and planning to pack the stuff I need for tomorrows journey to my girlfriend. The kebab roll I ordered today at the kebab pizzeria tasted quite good but it was so big I only ate about 3/4 of it.


The first few bites into the kebab roll


I am planning on watching a tutorial video on how to create a website with Django tomorrow on the ~4h train ride and hopefully, I will learn enough to make the first part of the project. The train leaves at 09:05 so I need to get up quite early since it takes about 40 minutes to walk to the train station.

We have planned some things for the weekend, I am going to watch when my girlfriend is having a lesson in horseriding, eat some good food and have a cosy movie night.
On Sunday I get to come along to the gym in the morning and we are going to hopefully have a good and tough workout.

Hope you will have a great weekend and I will see you soon.


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