Good evening!

Today I actually learned some stuff at the lab session I had today, but I still do not understand how they expect us to create a project with a tool not everybody is familiar with, without explaining how to create basic things in it first. It makes me kind of annoyed because now that I’ve started working on it, I find it a bit tricky to figure out how to create even the most simple things. Hopefully, I will receive some helpful answers from an email I sent earlier today.

Since I do not need to get up early tomorrow I am just going to relax the rest of the day and tomorrow I will try and get some progress on the project but most importantly, pack my bags because I am going to my girlfriend on Friday! 😀 ❤ The train leaves quite early so I need to wake up at around 06:30-07:00 and I’ll be at her place at around 15:00. I am so excited because it has been 3 weeks since I last saw her, I miss her so much and I am eager to give her the biggest hug when I see her. ❤

Now I am going to do some more laundry and eat some food.

Have a great evening.

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