Nerdy stuff

Good evening peeps!

How’s your Monday going? I’ve done pretty much nothing productive today, unfortunately. :/ I woke up quite early, but I fell asleep again so I woke up and actually got up at around 10.

I’ve watched series and played games pretty much all day long, I downloaded some software that will make it easier for me to work on a project that I have in a course. It’s an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) called PyCharm which I’ll use when I’m coding in Python for the project.

The project that I’m working on will be an auctioning website, basically, like eBay, but simplified. The goal isn’t to make a beautiful web service, but a functional one, that’s one of the requirements for the project actually. 😀 I’ve been quite stressed about it because I haven’t really started on it yet, I’ve played around in PyCharm and tried to familiarize myself with it but nothing more. Luckily though I received an email which read that the deadline has been extended until next week’s Friday, wohooo, that means I’ll absolutely begin working on it this week, but I don’t need to hurry.

Now I’m going to play some games and watch some videos before I go to sleep.

Until next time, have a good one! 🙂


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