It’s been far too long…

Good evening.

It’s been over a year since I last wrote something here, I do not have a good reason for this other than I haven’t had enough motivation to write about the few things that has happened. I’d like to give some updates on the past year but in very brief.

  • I turned 22 in January
  • I finished my second year on my Bachelor’s degree
  • Worked at a company as a ERP developer over the summer
  • Celebrated me and my girlfriend’s 2 year anniversary
  • Began my third and final year on my Bachelor’s degree
  • New and bigger apartment

My first term is quite chill because I’ve got 4 hours of school per week, but some schoolwork I need to do at home since we’ve got a project in one of the courses.

Hope I’ll become more consistent with writing here.

Good night and see you soon!

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