Good morning!

Good morning everyone! I am now sitting on the train listening to music and about to start watching some Django videos. I will have to change train in Tampere and Seinäjoki, I will arrive in Vasa at around 13:09 and after about an hour I will take a bus to the town where my girlfriend … Continue reading Good morning!

Evening update

Good evening! I am now drinking tea and planning to pack the stuff I need for tomorrows journey to my girlfriend. The kebab roll I ordered today at the kebab pizzeria tasted quite good but it was so big I only ate about 3/4 of it.     I am planning on watching a tutorial … Continue reading Evening update

25 hours

Good afternoon to you all, hope you've had a great day so far! Today I got up at around 09:30 and I've watched some videos and played some games until now and now I am going to change to some other clothes and start walking to a lecture I have at 15:15. When I come … Continue reading 25 hours


Good evening! Today I actually learned some stuff at the lab session I had today, but I still do not understand how they expect us to create a project with a tool not everybody is familiar with, without explaining how to create basic things in it first. It makes me kind of annoyed because now … Continue reading Stress

Just another ordinary day

Good evening! Today I've actually prepared some stuff for a lab session I've got tomorrow, installed some software etc... Other than that I've done the usual, Youtube, series, games and guitar. 😀 I did also do some laundry today, for the first time at the new place where I live, I was honestly a tiny … Continue reading Just another ordinary day

Nerdy stuff

Good evening peeps! How's your Monday going? I've done pretty much nothing productive today, unfortunately. :/ I woke up quite early, but I fell asleep again so I woke up and actually got up at around 10. I've watched series and played games pretty much all day long, I downloaded some software that will make … Continue reading Nerdy stuff

It’s been far too long…

Good evening. It's been over a year since I last wrote something here, I do not have a good reason for this other than I haven't had enough motivation to write about the few things that has happened. I'd like to give some updates on the past year but in very brief. I turned 22 … Continue reading It’s been far too long…