I have the best girlfriend in the world! <3

Good morning people! How’s your week been? I’ve had an amazing week. 🙂

Last weekend I was in my hometown and did some drumming at my brother’s place and went out and took some photos. Each day that passed, it was a day closer to Wednesday! 😀 When it finally became Wednesday I woke up and didn’t really feel to well, my whole body was sore after all the drumming I’d been doing and because I didn’t stretch after a short run one day. I started packing and got more and more excited, since I was going to get to be with my lovely Sandra for the rest of the week and that I’d only have to sit an hour on the train before she’d join me! ❤

While my train waited at the station the excitement became stronger and stronger because Sandra’s train was a little behind schedule, suddenly people began entering the train and I assumed that it’s probably people from the same train as my girlfriend’s. Then she came around the corner and I was so relieved ❤ we put away her bags and had a big bear hug and kisses 😉 :* The rest of the almost 4 h train ride we mostly cuddled and talked, but it’s quite hard to cuddle in any comfortable position in the stupid train seats! 😀

When we got down here, we took our heavy bags and started walking hand in hand, she had Subways with her so we were eager to get to the apartment so we could eat since we both hadn’t eaten much that day. Once we’d eaten half of our Subway we put them into the fridge for breakfast the next day, then I showed her around so she knew where things was. After all that we finally just threw ourselves into bed and began sleeping. ❤

Day 1:
We woke up quite early like we always do, before 8 am, had some breakfast (rest of the Subways), chilled and around 2 pm we went out for a walk and went to a shopping mall to see if the stores we’d planned to visit the next day where easy to find, after that we went to the city square and had some delicious ice cream, I had something with lime and something else in it and Sandra took the polka flavour. After we’d eaten the ice creams we figured we’d make us some salad for lunch/dinner and went to the shop to get some lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes and mozzarella.

We then walked back to the apartment and made the salad, while we ate it we watched some Youtube videos, it was delicious and it was so fun to make it with her! :3 ❤
After we’d eaten we just chilled, watched stuff on Youtube, played some Mario Bros on her Nintendo, listened to music etc. and eventually went to sleep.

Day 2:
After we had woken up we had some toast for breakfast, I then grabbed the small gift I’d bought for her and gave it to her, it was a blue Smile More bracelet that she seemed to like. We then got ready to go shopping for some hours. We went to Hansa shopping centre with the aim to find a dress for Sandra to wear at a wedding party we’re going to this summer and also see if we could find a suitable shirt for me as well. First we went to BR Lelut to buy a deck of playing cards since I didn’t have any in my apartment and we usually play card games when we’re together.
After we’d been to a couple of clothing stores without finding any dress we went and bought some fruit smoothies that were so delicious. We then continued to search for a dress for her and went into some other shops meanwhile and found myself a pair of sunglasses. We eventually got back to one of the stores we first visited and Sandra found a dress she liked and bought, then we tried to find a matching shirt for me but didn’t do so but I bought a black bow tie that I’m going to have with black pants, a white shirt and a black west that I’ll buy next time me and Sandra are in my hometown! ❤ Looking so much forward to trying on the full outfit after I’ve bought the black west!

After the shopping we went back to the apartment and dropped off all our stuff and then went to a small pizza/kebab place and got one falafel roll and kebab and cheese roll, they were delicious and we ate half of them then and saved the rest for the next morning.
Later that day I got to see Sandra in the dress and man was she beautiful, OMG!!! ❤
I also tried on a shirt and the bow tie and Sandra luckily approved that look. We then just chilled, played some card games and then watched a movie (Marley and Me) before going to bed, whilst watching the movie Sandra fell asleep in my lap as I was stroking her hair slowly and it was the cutest and most adorable thing ever to see her sleeping so peacefully there! ❤ Then she was obviously dreaming something and suddenly made a growling noise and I just lost it, I started laughing and unfortunately woke her up 😥 But then we turned off the movie and went to sleep!

Day 3:
We started the day by eating the rolls we had left from yesterday and then went for a little walk to Citymarket because Sandra needed to buy some new makeup. We also bought some Redbulls before leaving, we then went to a park where we sat down, enjoyed each other’s company and watched some birds and drank our Redbulls. We then wandered back to the apartment and then decided that we should go on a picnic so we went to Lidl and bought some newly baked bread, tomatoes, mozzarella, grapes and Reese’s. We wanted some strawberries but they didn’t have any but luckily for us there was a food market going on alongside the river. We got a liter of delicious strawberries and then walked to another little park and sat down and ate some of the strawberries and took a nice picture and planned the picnic.


Once we got back to the apartment we immediately began making the break with tomatoes and slices of mozzarella, they were delicious. We filled our bottles with pear juice and then began walking towards the park we sat at in the morning, once we got there we found a “nice” spot were we sat down and ate the bread and some strawberries. After that we changed spot to a little better place where we sat on a bench instead, there we ate the rest of the strawberries and some of the grapes. Some birds came quite close so we trew them some grapes and the raven did enjoy them at least! 🙂 ❤

We then walked all the way back to the apartment and chilled for a while and then went and bought some ice cream and walked up to Vårdberget that’s behind my apartment, we didn’t really know what to expect but it was really beautiful there and a perfect future picnic spot. We explored the mountain and then walked on some old streets and enjoyed the view there but eventually we went back to the apartment because our feet were sore from walking all day.

We played some cards, Super Mario, watched some Youtube and then cuddled and eventually fell asleep.

Day 4:
After we’d woken up we had some toast and chocolate milk, we then played some card games again before Sandra began to pack her stuff. After we just cuddled, chilled and watched Youtube until it was time to leave. It was a hot a long walk but we got there with about half an hour of spare time to just enjoy each other’s company before she’d go on the train. We took some pictures and talked about the weekend in two weeks when I’ll be driving to her from my hometown. So excited and we’re both looking forward and waiting to see each other again.

Time went by and it was time for the sad moment of saying goodbye, standing there on the platform seeing her through the train window was so tough, we waved and mimed “I love you” to each other and the feeling couldn’t be held back anymore, my vision got quite blurry and I couldn’t see well because my eyes were full of tears, I had a big smile on my face because I’d had such an amazing and lovely week with my lovely girlfriend. The train started rolling and we waved one last time until she was too far away so I couldn’t see her anymore, the walk back home to the apartment was one of the toughest walks I’ve had, I had to try my hardest to not just burst out in tears because I was so incredibly sad and missed her so much already. When I got back to the apartment reality hit hard again, it was so empty and silent, so boring and like, now I don’t have the loveliest girlfriend to talk to and be with, no one waiting for me when I got back when I’d been somewhere.

Then I just sat down and tried to watch some Youtube videos to get my mind to a happier place but it just wasn’t working, luckily Sandra had internet so we could talk so that helped quite a lot, but it wasn’t until she got home so we could Facetime again before I became happy again. Finally got to see her face and hear her voice again so then everything didn’t seem so bad anymore thanks to the most wonderful and best girlfriend I could have! ❤ ❤ ❤


Hope you’ve enjoyed this little (but long) daily diary kind of structure, hope you have a great week and I’ll see you later! 🙂 Here’s some pictures from when I was back home and had my camera with me! 🙂


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