Takatalvi? :o <3

Good morning, this is what I woke up to this morning… o.O 😀


Great, that’s what I want, more snow… or any snow for that matter!
It was finally getting sunny and all spring like and then “BOOM here’s some snow for yah”.

Well this is going to be a quite boring week because I have some assignments I need to finish before Friday so I won’t be able to talk with my girlfriend too much before evening 😦 ❤ But once I get back home there’ll be just one thing that I want to do! 😀 ❤ Love you sweetie! ❤

Last weekend my Mom and my cousin’s mother because they were going to the Swedish Theater to see a play. Had some really delicious food while they were here since we went to restaurants, so I had a 20 € hamburger that was so delicous! 😀

This upcoming weekend I’ll be heading back home to have a meeting about a possible summer job for me, will see how that goes. While I’m at home I’ll probably go visit my brother and play some drums since I haven’t had the possibility to do that yet. 🙂

And finally, the best thing that’ll happen within two weeks! 😀 ❤
My girlfriend is coming to visit next week, can’t wait to get to see her again! ❤ She’ll arrive on Wednesday and be here until Sunday evening. Looking forward to it so much, will be exciting since it’s her first time here, we’re going to have loads of fun, like always. Going shopping for the wedding we’re going to this summer, eat some nice food and just chill and hang out! ❤

So have a nice week and cyyaa! 🙂

PS. Älskar dig Sandra! ❤ ❤ :* :* 

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