Good evening everybody! 🙂 Hope you’re having a good day.

Today’s a rainy dull day BUT, I finally got my order from the Smile More store! Yeey
I ordered a blue bracelet, a pair of Bright Bugz (just for fun) and one thing for my girlfriend as well, that she’ll get once she comes over in two weeks, so it’s a small surprise. ❤ :3

I also got a letter from The Red Cross that thanked me for donating blood, donated blood when I was in the military last year, and that my donation has helped 3 people, so that kinda made me feel a bit better that I actually have helped in some way. So I’m probably going to donate more blood sometime soon if I get the opportunity. 🙂

One evening when I walked in the corridor on my floor, I saw that the evening sun was shining through the window in a kind of beautiful way, I decided to take my camera and take a photo of it since I haven’t really been able to take any nice looking evening photos yet and it turned out pretty good in my opinion.

Next week I’ll be spending a lot of time programming and finishing the two assignments we have left, me and my programming partner have about four days to finish it because I’ll be unavailable to do anything next weekend and when I get back on Sunday it’s just two days until he goes back home to Pampas (where we’re from, mid-west Finland). It’s going to be quite hectic since there’s quite a lot of difficult things that we need to make and that we’ve got just four days to finish it. But I’m sure it’ll go well once we get going. 🙂

Have a nice week and weekend! Baaiiii 🙂


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