Lovely surprise! <3 #bestGFInTheWorld

Good morning to you all! 🙂

So my wonderful girlfriend suggested/asked if I could come over for the weekend since it’s some time before she comes to visit me here, even though we went to my home town last weekend. ❤
When would you every say no to that? NEVER, exactly, even though I have to travel by train which isn’t that cheap but hey, it’s for the best possible cause so! ❤ 🙂

We chilled and played card game quite often, made some tortillas the first night for dinner, delicious as always since you can’t really fail at making tortillas.
Later that evening we also made kladdkaka (chocolate mud cake), turned out great and was very tasty! 🙂

On Saturday I got to come along to a bigger stable she and two of her friends goes to and watch and help out a bit while they rode some horses. :3
It was fun to stand and watch while she did one of her favourite activities ❤ Sucks a bit though since I’m allergic to both horses and hay 😦 But just need to take some antihistamine pills (eases the allergic reaction) and I’ll survive.

On Sunday her grandparents visited as well so I got to meet them, kind and friendly like the rest of her family, we went to her school as well were they had a Civic Institute exhibition. After that we went back home and had something to eat and then just chilled and cuddled until I had to pack my stuff and then get a ride to the train station. 😦
Luckily it isn’t that long anymore until she comes to visit me! 😀 ❤ But before she comes I’ll have to do a lot of cleaning so it doesn’t look like a dump here 😉

Have a great week and stay motivated to do things you like! ❤


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