Oukki Doukki nami nami

Hello again, been a long time since I last made a post, haven’t really happened much so I thought I’d wait so that I’d have some stuff to write about.

So, since my last post I’ve gotten my (surprising) results for an exam I had a few weeks ago, been to my hometown with my girlfriend ❤ and possibly gotten a job for the summer.

So about a week ago I got an email from my teacher that the results for the exam had been published, I had calculated that I’d have to get 15 points to get the lowest total score to pass the course, to my amazement when I took a look at it I had 40/40 points. I couldn’t believe my eyes and refreshed the page a couple of times to make sure it actually was correct. So instead of getting the grade 1 in the course, I got 4 (scale goes from 1-5), so I’m glad that it went so well! 🙂

Last weekend me and my lovely girlfriend went to my home town. Like always it was really fun and wonderful, we played card games, twister and some other board games.
We also baked some french “dessert” toast, normal french toast, watermelon and strawberry ice cream and cooked a meal of Asian chicken, since we’re master chefs it tasted delicious. 😉 On Saturday we visited my oldest brother so my girlfriend would get to see their two horses, we also got invited for some coffee and buns and before we drove back home my brother offered us to go for a ride in his new car so we went for a little cruise.
I really liked it, it was an automatic Mercedes, the interior was really nice but the steering was a bit sluggish but once you got used to it, it wasn’t that bad.

Doesn’t it look delicious because it’s extremely yumyum in the tumtum 🙂
I can’t belive that it’s almost summer already, the past year has gone by so fast, I’ve known my girlfriend for over a year and we’ve now been together for almost 8 months ❤

So now it’s almost exactly 3 weeks until my girlfriend come to visit me here where I live and study, incredibly excited about that! :’D ❤ We’ve planned some nice places to go for dinner but other than that we’re probably just going to chill and maybe walk around here so she gets to see what it’s like here!
But until then I’ve got some programming to do with my friend and I’m also going home in two weeks to meet a guy and talk about possibly working at his company during the summer, fingers crossed, I’ll bring along my Nikon camera as well so I can finally go and take some proper pictures with it in the nature and such.

Hope you have a nice week and enjoy every bit of it! 🙂

Some chocolate and sour candy have never killed anyone right? 😉 And check out this little awesome guy I got in my kinder surprise!


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