Takatalvi? :o <3

Good morning, this is what I woke up to this morning... o.O 😀 Great, that's what I want, more snow... or any snow for that matter! It was finally getting sunny and all spring like and then "BOOM here's some snow for yah". Well this is going to be a quite boring week because I … Continue reading Takatalvi? 😮 ❤


Good evening everybody! 🙂 Hope you're having a good day. Today's a rainy dull day BUT, I finally got my order from the Smile More store! Yeey I ordered a blue bracelet, a pair of Bright Bugz (just for fun) and one thing for my girlfriend as well, that she'll get once she comes over … Continue reading #SmileMore

Lovely surprise! <3 #bestGFInTheWorld

Good morning to you all! 🙂 So my wonderful girlfriend suggested/asked if I could come over for the weekend since it's some time before she comes to visit me here, even though we went to my home town last weekend. ❤ When would you every say no to that? NEVER, exactly, even though I have … Continue reading Lovely surprise! ❤ #bestGFInTheWorld

Oukki Doukki nami nami

Hello again, been a long time since I last made a post, haven't really happened much so I thought I'd wait so that I'd have some stuff to write about. So, since my last post I've gotten my (surprising) results for an exam I had a few weeks ago, been to my hometown with my … Continue reading Oukki Doukki nami nami