From easter eggs to what is a human being?

Hello and hope you’ve had a nice easter! 🙂

So I’ve spent the past week at my gf’s place, was so lovely and relaxing to get to be there for longer than just a weekend. ❤
While I was there she had to take care of her friend’s horses while she was away, 2 times each day, once in the afternoon and later in the evening as well.
I got to be there and mostly just keep her company while she did stuff there, a small annoyance emerged when I was reminded that I’m quite allergic to hay, so the first day I had a really runny nose and irritated throat an hour or two after we came back from the stable. One day we also went for a short ride with the shetland pony, was fun and quite relaxing really to just get to sit there and enjoy the slow ride.

One morning we went out at like 8 o’clock for a walk with Ludde (her dog) and when we got back we had planned to make some breakfast(dessert), unfortunately we ate it all before I was able to take a picture of it but it’s basically white bread that you flatten, put some Nutella on, slice and chop some fruit or berries and put them at the edge of the bread then roll it together, after that you just fry the for a while and serve, the recipe we followed used strawberries but they didn’t have any in the shop so we tried it with bananas instead. It was incredibly delicious even though they didn’t really look like the image the recipe showed.
So if you have 30 minutes of spare time, I highly recommend you to make it.
One morning we also made some proper breakfast and made Fattiga riddare (French toast) and had some berry soup that her mom had made the day before.

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I also played Super Mario Bros on her Nintendo DSI, I helped her out since I play a lot of games I have an easy time getting fairly good at them fast, so I got to the last world and finished it but there’s still some levels after that we found out so she’s still got some levels to clear without my help! 😉 Good luck honey! ❤
We also played a few board games like Risky (booby-trap), Alfapet and Kimble, we’ve also had some fun with the Wii and played some sports and Wii fit games there.

When I got back to my apartment on Monday evening/night at 23:15, I knew that a book I ordered a few weeks ago would have arrived! I haven’t started reading it yet since I’m saving it for some reading while I’m on train rides since I travel quite often and it’s usually a 4 1/2 h train ride. I’ve just read the introduction so far but might read a little bit while I’m home as well. It’s a book about questions about humans, like why we exist, where are we now etc… and it’s by Brian Cox whom I’m a really big fan of so I’m really excited to read this book and probably get more of his books later on as well. 🙂

Hope you’ll have a nice week! Cyyaa! 🙂


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