Easter is coming…

Hello hello!

Long time since my last post, haven’t really been that busy, just haven’t had much to write about. 4-6 March me and Sandra went to my hometown and stayed there for the weekend, it was really wonderful like always when I get to be with her. On Friday when we got there we didn’t do much, just had a cosy time and watched a movie. Saturday was the day we woke up around 9 in the morning and prepared some hot chocolate and sandwiches for us to have as breakfast when we walked into the woods next to the house, it was cosy and delicious. Later that day we went out for a walk and went by my grandparents and said hello. On Sunday we played some old school board game called Guess Who? and also some Twister which was a lot of fun! :’3 ❤

Last week I had an exam in Datastructures that hopefully went fairly well and I’ve got another exam this Friday about some quite boring stuff like Requirements Management.
But then after that exam it’s finally weekend and after the weeknd I have two days of school and then I go on my easter vacation, I’ll be from 23 to 28 March at my girlfriends place, which will be so awesome since I usually just get to spend the weekend with her when I visit. We’ve got some stuff planned that we’ll try to do but will mostly just chill and enjoy each other’s company for all the days! ❤ :3

I’ve recently played some Pokemon Red as well and finished it yesterday so today I bought a new game that I’ve seen a lot of people playing and giving positive feedback on, it’s called Stardew Valley and you’re basically a guy that has a farm where you have to grow crops and do “quests” and stuff, it’s a fun and entertaining casual game and I’m enjoying it so far! 🙂

Have a nice week and easter! 🙂 Here’s some images from me and my gf’s house that we’ve built in a house modelling software.


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