Years, months, hours & seconds…

Hello! 🙂

Once again it’s now Sunday again, days and weeks go by so fast, soon I’ll be done with my 1st year of studying, unbelievable! I’ve now also been thinking about what minor subject I’ll pick for my 2nd and 3rd year to study and I’ve been looking at a subject called Visual Studie, where you’d learn about visual design and such. That is something I’d really have use for since I’m quite bad at making things (games, programs… etc) look good, after the course I’d hopefully be able to make good loking things that work well. 🙂

I’ve cleaned up my Macbook and installed some software on it so that I can start doing some school work on it instead of doing it on my slow laptop or PC. This week I’ve got an assignment that I need to finish since the deadline is on Sunday and me and another guy in my group (we work in teams of 4) will be away for the weekend so we’ve got basically 4,5 days to finish it.
It won’t be that hard I’d imagine but it’ll be some extra hours in school this week due to that. I’ve also got an programming assignment that we have to make in pairs that has a deadline in two weeks that me and my friend will have to start working on sometime this week as well!

Then in two weeks time I’ll have one of my last exams for this period as well I hope, the exam will be about Data Structures and will be quite easy, just have to read for a while about some things I’m not that good at yet.

Now it’s just 5 days until it’s Friday again and then a wonderful weekend again that I’ll get to spend with my wonderful girlfriend! ❤ Will be so awesome to get to see here again! :’3
On Friday my train will leave at 15:05 and then after two hours I’ll switch train and there my GF will come on that train as well, we’ll get to spend about 2,5 hours in the train together then and I’m not sure if we’ll do anything special other than talking and having fun! 🙂

Have a nice week and weekend! 🙂 ❤

Älskar dig Sandra! ❤

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