ETA 3 days! :3 <3

Hello hello! 🙂

Can’t explain how excited I am now, it’s only, ONLY, 3 days left until I get to see my sweetheart again! ❤ :’D It’ll be 33 days since I last saw her so it’s been a long time (for us at least).
Hoping that I’ll get my gift for S. on Thursday so I can give it to her on Friday! :3 Wonder what her reaction is going to be like, hopefully she’ll like it though! ^_^

Last Friday I had my programming exam, it went well but I got stuck on one easy thing that I wasted a lot of time on so I couldn’t finish all the different tasks, but at least I’ll pass so, can’t complain! 🙂 This week I have a “requirements management for software systems” project to work on, it’s not really that fun nor interesting but, what can you do…

Good night to you all! 🙂

P.S. I LOVE YOU ❤ ❤ ❤

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