Years, months, hours & seconds…

Hello! 🙂 Once again it's now Sunday again, days and weeks go by so fast, soon I'll be done with my 1st year of studying, unbelievable! I've now also been thinking about what minor subject I'll pick for my 2nd and 3rd year to study and I've been looking at a subject called Visual Studie, where … Continue reading Years, months, hours & seconds…

Min älskling <3

Älskar dig Tommy! Du e de bästa som hänt mig å jag älskar dig så himla mycket! Snart träffas vi igen! :* Puss å kram din älskling, Sandra! ❤

Going home soon! :) <3

Hello there! 🙂 Been a quite slow but a bit busy week since we had to finish a project assignment on Wednesday, turned out okay I guess! 🙂 We've now gotten our second assignment which looked much easier, we also got our first programming assignment that we have to do in pairs, so me and … Continue reading Going home soon! 🙂 ❤

Rainy days with trains

Good evening! 🙂 After a marvelous weekend with my lovely GF celebrating valentine's day and being together for 6 months now since we couldn't last weekend when it was valentines! :* Now it's luckily just two weeks until we're going to my hometown for the weekend! :3 ❤ Now this next week I've got some … Continue reading Rainy days with trains

Going to paradise! <3

Hello hello! Today is a day I've been looking forward to the past month! I'm going away to finally see my girlfriend again 😍 Been just over a month since last, missed her loads! ❤ We're going to chill and watch some movies and have a cosy time today, then on Saturday we'll visit her … Continue reading Going to paradise! ❤

ETA 3 days! :3 <3

Hello hello! 🙂 Can't explain how excited I am now, it's only, ONLY, 3 days left until I get to see my sweetheart again! ❤ :'D It'll be 33 days since I last saw her so it's been a long time (for us at least). Hoping that I'll get my gift for S. on Thursday … Continue reading ETA 3 days! :3 ❤

10 <3

Days passing quite fast and soon I'll get to be with my wonderful S. again, I'm missing her so much! ❤ I'll go to her place in 10 days, we're going to watch some movies and just cuddle a lot! :3 We've also planned to bake a carrot cake which I'm looking forward to seeing the … Continue reading 10 ❤

Soon… :3 <3

Hello hello! 🙂 So it's now almost 10 days since my last post which means it's "only" 15 days until I get to see my GF again! 😀 ❤ Miss her so much even though it's been only around 2 weeks since I last saw her 😮 I've now ordered her another gift for valentine's … Continue reading Soon… :3 ❤