Just one month left (actually “just” 25 days)

Hello hello hello! 🙂

How’s it going? Monday again and came back from my “second home” aka my GF’s place yesterday. Now it’s 25 days until I get to see her again! 😥
But it’s not that long when you really think about it, but feels like ages, luckily we get to talk each day because otherwise it would suck so hard! 😮

We’re both getting each other/us valentines gifts which is exciting, we both know what we’re getting already but it’s still cute! :3 ❤
The revue we went to on Friday even was really funny and good, been on a few when I was younger in my hometown as well.
When we got back we didn’t do that much, just chilled and eventually fell asleep! 🙂
The day after we made some interesting smoothies and for lunch some asian style chicken and rise and it was delicious! :3 ❤
Later that evening we watched The hills have eyes and a Swedish film called Odödliga, they were both good and were enjoyable to watch with my GF! ❤

We also watched a fun youtube clip of some gamers playing a new game called Emily wants to play, which is a really good horror game that I’m thinking about buying so I can play it with her but I’m not sure yet! D: 😀
On Sunday we chilled, watched Twilight and cuddled until we had to go to the trainstation so I could go on my train. 😦

Today has been a chill school day since I started 13:30 and just had to do some tasks that weren’t too difficult and this week will be as well. I just have one thing in programming I need to have done before 8.2 23:59 and about 1-2 lectures per day.
I’ve also thought of a hopefully fun thing to do each weekend with my GF until we get to see each other again! :3 ❤ Still looking for things to do in case my idea isn’t that good.

It’s so fun to fantasize and plan the future with my GF, I know she’s THE one! ❤
She’s just so amazing and loving and I’m so lucky to have her in my life!
Here’s a picture with the best snapchat filter ever created that I took when I was there over the weekend! 🙂



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