Löööv is greeejt!

So I’m back from a lovely weekend at my parent’s house with my GF! 🙂
I got some small nice things for my birthday since my guitar case hasn’t arrived yet.
My GF was a bit nervous about meeting my parents but after we had gotten there it was fine, when we opened the door my dog came directly to her and started sniffing and greating her, he didn’t bark or growl or anything so I’m pleasantly surprised by that! 🙂

Now it’s only 3 days until I get to see her again since I’m going to her place for the weekend! ❤ On Friday we’ll go stright from the train station to see a revue in a nearby town, looking forward to it and it’s going to be so much fun! 🙂 I’m also going to get to meet her grandparents which I’m nervous and excited about 😀
But after the weekend it’ll be a month until I get to see her again! 😮 😥
I was planning on going there for valentines day but she’s got a really busy weekend and the week after, so we’ve decided to move my visit one week forward so that we can relax and not have to stress about stuff while I’m there! :3 I’m so looking forward to it! ❤ I’m so lucky to have someone like her, she’s amazing! ❤ :*
The week after I’ve been at her place she’ll be free from school for the whole week but unfortunately not me, but she’ll come to my place for the weekend then so it’ll be fine! ❤ 🙂

Hope you have a nice week and weekend! Here’s some pictures I took while I was home.
(Got some cute and funny pictures of my GF as well but she wouldn’t want me to post them so 😉 Love you! <3)

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