Best birthday present! :)

So it’s my birthday in about 50 minutes and I’m going to get the best present ever on Friday! 😀
My GF is coming to visit ❤ :’D She was going to surprise me but she’s not that good at not telling what her surprises for me are! 😉 She’ll stay until Sunday afternoon then I’ll go back down to Turku and she’ll go back home, but luckily it’s just 5 day then until I get to see her again since I’m going to to her place again that Friday! 😀 ❤

And from my family I’m going to get a guitar case for my acoustic guitar! The “party” will be on Saturday wich will be nice since we’ll get to eay yumyum stuff and my GF will get to meet my parents, grandparents, some of my brother’s for the first time! 😀 Which I’m excited for and she’s just nervous about it for some reason, but I know the feeling since it’s not that long ago since I met her parents for the first time! :3

This week has been quite easy on me, school wise, have got like 1 lecture per day since it’s the first week of this period. Next week I’ll just have 1-2 lectures per day so not that much! 😀 It’s suddenly started to snow down here as well! 😀

Well have a great weekend because I know I will! Love you ❤

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