School, birthday, winter…

Hello hello! How’s your day? 🙂
Today has been a quite short day for me to really do anything, woke up around 10AM, had some breakfast and packed my bags and prepared myself to go back to Åbo. Two of my brother’s came over to our house to have some lunch together, dad had made some delicious roulades.

Now I’m on the train with the usual train-wifi that sucks so much, but luckily I’ve got my phone so I can listen to music and talk with my GF ❤ while I finish my assignment for my programming course.

On Thursday it’s surprisingly enough my birthday 😮 I’m ougoing to get a case for my acoustic guitar finally so I can start to bring it with me when I go to places! 🙂 I’m also thinking about buying a dslr camera so that I could have some stuff to do while I’m in my hometown during weekends, instead of doing nothing else than watching series and such… 😀

After new year it got really cold all of a sudden so it’s been around -25 to almost -30 degrees celcious! Because of that trains have been delayed but I hope that this train won’t be too late so that I have time to do stuff when I get back to my apartment again this evening! 🙂

Have a great day! 🙂

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