Happy new year!

Hello 2016! 😀 Hope you’ve had a nice new year’s eve!

This week has been so much fun, spent it with my GF! Arrived on Monday evening, there we watched Scream since she hasn’t seen too many scary movies. The movie wasn’t that scary though but at least I had good company to watch it with so it didn’t matter :3

Every day was special and fun, we went for a walk with her dog Ludde almost every day I think, baked some delicious stuff for the new year party, watched movies, were masterchefs in the kitchen 😉 cuddled, went to see some horses she takes care of and just had a wonderful time every second! ❤

It’s now only one and a half week until my birthday 😳 Turning 21, whoa, time flies fast! Will come home the weekend after my birthday and celebrate and then after two weeks I’ll go and visit my GF again ❤

For her Christmas/New Year’s gift I got my GF a necklace that you’ll see in a picture, I got a really nice smelling cologne from her! Today I haven’t done much, chilled on youtube and talked with GF all day like everyday :3 Just got back from a small 45min walk as well and soon will have something to eat! 🙂

We’ve also been looking at some cute pictures of some dogs we’re hoping to get in a few years when we get a place together 😀 She wants a Pug and I want a Corgi so that’ll be exciting! We’ve also talked about a trip we’ll go on when we get our summer holiday as well and I’m so excited about that! 😀 So quite much future plans discussions<3

Now I’m just going to chill for the rest of the evening, maybe find some movie to watch and of course talk with the most amazing and wonderful person in the world as well, Älskar dig gulle! :3 ❤

Here’s some pics!

Me and Sandra on New years eve, took Ludde for a walk at 10:30 AM, Katinka, Torsten

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