Just one month left (actually “just” 25 days)

Hello hello hello! 🙂 How's it going? Monday again and came back from my "second home" aka my GF's place yesterday. Now it's 25 days until I get to see her again! 😥 But it's not that long when you really think about it, but feels like ages, luckily we get to talk each day … Continue reading Just one month left (actually “just” 25 days)

Löööv is greeejt!

So I'm back from a lovely weekend at my parent's house with my GF! 🙂 I got some small nice things for my birthday since my guitar case hasn't arrived yet. My GF was a bit nervous about meeting my parents but after we had gotten there it was fine, when we opened the door … Continue reading Löööv is greeejt!

New camera, Nikon D3300

Just wanted to share the first couple of pictures I've managed to take, with somewhat of a good outcome! 😀 (Probably lost some quality/details when I converted them so I could upload them)

Best birthday present! :)

So it's my birthday in about 50 minutes and I'm going to get the best present ever on Friday! 😀 My GF is coming to visit ❤ :'D She was going to surprise me but she's not that good at not telling what her surprises for me are! 😉 She'll stay until Sunday afternoon then … Continue reading Best birthday present! 🙂

School, birthday, winter…

Hello hello! How's your day? 🙂 Today has been a quite short day for me to really do anything, woke up around 10AM, had some breakfast and packed my bags and prepared myself to go back to Åbo. Two of my brother's came over to our house to have some lunch together, dad had made … Continue reading School, birthday, winter…

Happy new year!

Hello 2016! 😀 Hope you've had a nice new year's eve! This week has been so much fun, spent it with my GF! Arrived on Monday evening, there we watched Scream since she hasn't seen too many scary movies. The movie wasn't that scary though but at least I had good company to watch it with so … Continue reading Happy new year!