5 and 9

Hello hello! 🙂

So winter holiday is finally here, had my last exam yesterday, that went pretty well I hope, before I went on the train and went home. Got home around 22:40,then I watched Star Wars Episode III and talked with my lovely GF before I went to sleep!

Today I’ve been at my brother’s house on Christmas lunch, it was fun and the food was delicious! They’ve just moved into their newly built house (which I’ve helped out with) and it’s looking really amazing I must say :3

So I’ve got 2-3 things to look forward to now, it’s 5 days until Christmas, I don’t really have the “Christmas feeling” yet since there’s barely any snow but, Christmas music probably will help with that!
it’s 9 days until I’m going to visit my GF for 5 days, I’m so excited about it so I can’t find words to describe it! I miss her so much every day, since we live a couple of 100Km away from each other I can’t visit her whenever I want to :/ But this time will be so amazing since it’ll be new year’s eve when I’m there, ending 2015 and beginning 2016 with my favorite person! ❤
And then it’s not too long until it’s my birthday either 😮 Just under a month until it, I’ve hinted that I’d like to have a guitar case for my acoustic guitar so I can start bringing it with me whenever I travel somewhere. Sucks to not be able to play on it when I’m home for instance, so fingers crossed that I’ll get that! 😀

Now I’m probably just going to watch some movies and wait for my love to get back home from a youth dance (directly translated) that she’s at with her friends! She’ll be home pretty late so I’ll have lots of time to watch movies and miss her then :s ❤

Hope you’ll have a nice weekend and a great winter holiday! 🙂

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