“Home” home and no snow

Good evening! 🙂
I just got “home” home (my parents house) for the weekend, been quite a while since I last was home, two weeks ago I visited my lovely GF and before that there were a couple of weeks before I was home again.
Was lovely to get to see my dog again because he’s been a bit ill, so I’m happy to see him feeling better now! :3

Can’t believe it’s soon Christmas either 😀 Just 12 days left, excited about that, but there’s one thing I’m more excited about though, 4 days after Christmas I’ll leave and go to my GF again and spend 5 days there, it’ll be the best new year’s eve so far! ❤ Looking forward to it so much and counting the days every day!

The train ride was quite boring as per usual, just listened to some music, wathced some stand up and a couple of minutes of a movie as well. Still no snow either unfortunately 😦 Fingers crossed that it’ll start snowing in the upcoming days! 😉

Now I’m just watching some stuff on Youtube and talking with my love and will soon head off to sleep! 🙂 Good night!

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