I love you!

Good evening! How’s your weekend going? 🙂

Mine’s good! Have done nothing special this weekend, nothing can beat the amazing weekend I had last week so, I’m just looking forward to visiting my GF next time! 😀 ❤

There’s something so special about her, no matter what she’ll always get a smile out of me! She’s funny, beautiful and simply amazing! The odds that we found each other is quite amazing and most important is that I can be myself when I’m around her! :3 She’s the best! 🙂

Can’t believe it’s only 19 days until Christmas though :O And there’s only 23 days until I get to see my cutie again, so excited to spend new year’s eve with her!

End 2015 and start 2016 with the most important person to me! 🙂

No snow has come here yet and that sucks 😦 Would love to have some snow ASAP 😀 School is soon over for this year as well! Been a quite interesing couple of months! Learned some new stuff and repeated some old knowledge!

Hope your new year’s eve will be as good as mine and cyyaa!! ☺️


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