5 and 9

Hello hello! 🙂 So winter holiday is finally here, had my last exam yesterday, that went pretty well I hope, before I went on the train and went home. Got home around 22:40,then I watched Star Wars Episode III and talked with my lovely GF before I went to sleep! Today I've been at my … Continue reading 5 and 9

Winter holidays

Good evening, winter holidays is just around the corner and I've got one lecture and one exam left this week and then I'm going home! I'll be home for a bit more than a week and then head off to my lovely GF for 5 whole days 😀 So excited to spend new year's eve with … Continue reading Winter holidays

“Home” home and no snow

Good evening! 🙂 I just got "home" home (my parents house) for the weekend, been quite a while since I last was home, two weeks ago I visited my lovely GF and before that there were a couple of weeks before I was home again. Was lovely to get to see my dog again because … Continue reading “Home” home and no snow


Hello helloo hellooo! 😄 How's it going? 🙂 I can't be anything but happy right now! 😀 Knowing that there's this one special person in my life ❤ Today has been quite the same as any other, had some scool and then got home and been chilling and talking with my GF all day and made … Continue reading Packages

I love you!

Good evening! How's your weekend going? 🙂 Mine's good! Have done nothing special this weekend, nothing can beat the amazing weekend I had last week so, I'm just looking forward to visiting my GF next time! 😀 ❤ There's something so special about her, no matter what she'll always get a smile out of me! … Continue reading I love you!