Winter is coming!

So the second period has started and I’ve done the exams for the forst period, Programming went as I’d anticipated, best grade (5) and I’m still waiting on the results for the formal logics exam, it won’t be as good but I just hope I got enough to pass.

During halloween I was home to attend my brother’s bachelor party, my brother was dressed up as Flash Gordon. The evening started with us kidnapping him, then we went to a bowling venue for about 2 hours, after that we went and relaxed in the sauna for a good while and followed up with some nice food at a restaurant.
After the restaurant we went out to a nightclub and partied until 03:00~ish.

The day after was pretty chill but boring, had to catch a train at 15:17 and sit in it until 20:00. When I got down to my appartment again I finished of my Finnish presentation, played some games and went to bed.

The days are becoming colder and colder, I hope it’ll start snowing soon.
Winter is such a nice time of the year, becuase of the feeling you get when drinking a warm cup of tea/hot chocolate and there’s Christmas, winter holiday ,my birthday and someone special’s birthday as well! A very cosy time! 🙂

Alarm at 07:35 tomorrow so I’ll be heading off to sleep in a bit after I’ve played some games and watched some videos! Nu’night and sleep tight! 🙂

Ever since i met you, no one else is worth thinking about ❤

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