Rainy days but a happy mind.

I wonder, is there anyone who actually prefer rainy and gray days? I don't mind them if I can stay inside and just snuggle but today is unfortunately not that day! It's raining here and snowing at my GF's 😐 So I think the weather is trying to tell me that I'm at the wrong … Continue reading Rainy days but a happy mind.


Hello there, how's your weekend been? Mine's been great! Spent it at my GF's house, arrived around 17:30 there on Friday and then we walked around for a while and then got a ride home! When we got there her lovely dog greeted me kindly and was eager to meet someone new! Then I gave … Continue reading Trains

Upcoming weekend

So this weekend it's Pikkujoulu (Lillajul), I'll go and visit someone special! I'll be there from Friday until Sunday afternoon, not sure what we'll do, most likely just chill and hang out! 🙂 Buying gifts is quite the task as well, you need to think about what they might want or if they'll like it … Continue reading Upcoming weekend

Father’s day

Today is father's day and it's a grey and rainy day... Haven't really done anything special today, finished some homework, sent some congratulation wishes to my Dad and played games. Was out of food so had to go and buy some but when I'd walked a few minutes I remember that almost every shop is … Continue reading Father’s day

Winter is coming!

So the second period has started and I've done the exams for the forst period, Programming went as I'd anticipated, best grade (5) and I'm still waiting on the results for the formal logics exam, it won't be as good but I just hope I got enough to pass. During halloween I was home to attend … Continue reading Winter is coming!