First period almost over!

Hello hello!

The first period is coming to an end and next period will start after this upcoming week. It’s been fairly easy so far since I’ve worked with IT (programming) before, we’ve got some exams next week so will see how they go.

So today at my niece’s christening there was a “surprise” wedding as well, congrats to my brother and his now wife.

Tomorrow will be a hard day because my train leave 2 AM and will arrive in Turku at 7:50 and my first class starts at 8:15, so I’ll walk straight from the station to my first class, after that I’ll have 30~ish minutes to walk home throw all my stuff into my apartment, head off to the next class, have lunch and go home for three hours and then at 15:15 I’ll have an easy programming exam that shouldn’t take too long to finish. When I’ll get home after all this I’ll probably fall into bed and be there until the next day, luckily my only class on Tuesday starts at 13:30 so I’ll get to sleep a lot! 🙂

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