Long time no see…

So, been kind of inactive here after I got my tattoo. Here’s a small update on what’s happened since that.

After I got my tattoo I couldn’t really do that much (going outside for too long etc), it healed really well and looks good now.
A few weeks after it had fully healed I had to start packing for my move to Åbo (Turku), had quite a lot to bring with my such as, two guitars(electric and acoustic), amplifier for the guitars, computer table, some laptops, cutlery and plates, storage boxes, clothes etc…

The move into my small apartment (16 square meters) went well, amazingly everything fit in here and there’s a lot of room, in my opinion, still so 🙂

Now it’s Autumn and I’ve been in school for almost two months, going well so far and still quite interesting, because I’ve programmed before the programming course isn’t that exciting but, it’s still good with some repetition.

I’ll try my best to keep this blog up to date and I’ll see you! 🙂

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