Late night coziness!

Well well well… Only 4 days left until it happens, getting the tattoo! Feeling very excited about it and can’t wait to see what the tattooist has made for nice design on the concept I gave him. 🙂

Improved at the solo on Porcupine Tree’s song Sound of Muzak as well today, really love this solo since it’s not that fast but hard because the time signature is quite odd which I’m a really big fan of!
Went for a short walk/jog today, felt nice and really love my new sport earphones. The stay in your ears and really have great sound as well!
Looking forward to using them as often as I can when I’m out doing some sort of activities!

Alost bought a new game today, Grow Home, a 3D platformer.
Really like it so far, simple graphics with a nice atmosphere in it! Quite easy at first and gets progressively harder which is nice. So recommend it if you like platformers.

Now I’m just chilling in bed watching some LCS (League of Legends Championship Series) not sure how long I’ll be awake, after the stream is over I’ll probably watch some stuff on Youtube until 03:00 I’d imagine.

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