Music and stuffz

So today I haven’t done much really, there was a thunderstorm early so then I just watched the movie Grown Ups on my laptop, after the thunderstorm had gone away I played some computer games and guitar.
Decided to learn an old song I haven’t played in a long time again,
Porcupine Tree – Sound of Muzak. Not the easiest song to play on guitar, especially the solo is a tricky one. But I love to play difficult songs so! 🙂
Also played Muse’s songs Psycho and Reapers, love those as well, easy and great sounding songs!

Later this evening at 21:30 I went to see my brother’s band perform here where I live, sounded really good, they’ve improved a lot in the past year so I’m proud of my older brother (he’s a guitarist as well).

Now I’m just watching some Let’s Plays before I’ll go to sleep! 🙂 Good night!

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