My first tattoo!

So the day has come, I've now got my first tattoo! The outcome was awesome to say the least, didn't hurt as much as I'd imagine but the burning sensation after it was done was quite awful! 😀 So now I just have to take care of it and soon enough it'll be fully healed! … Continue reading My first tattoo!

Late night coziness!

Well well well... Only 4 days left until it happens, getting the tattoo! Feeling very excited about it and can't wait to see what the tattooist has made for nice design on the concept I gave him. 🙂 Improved at the solo on Porcupine Tree's song Sound of Muzak as well today, really love this … Continue reading Late night coziness!

Music and stuffz

So today I haven't done much really, there was a thunderstorm early so then I just watched the movie Grown Ups on my laptop, after the thunderstorm had gone away I played some computer games and guitar. Decided to learn an old song I haven't played in a long time again, Porcupine Tree - Sound … Continue reading Music and stuffz

Getting inked

So I'm getting my first tattoo done next week on Thursday, so excited about it! I've been thinking about getting one for the last year but decided to do it after I've done my military service in case something would happen to my arm (where I'm having my tattoo done) so it would ruin the … Continue reading Getting inked

Hello World!

Hello there stranger on the internet! This is my first and official blogpost, to write stuff like this is quite new to me so don't expect it to be too in-depth now at first. I'm not sure how often I'm going to write stuff here since I'm pretty sure this blog won't get any attention anywhere … Continue reading Hello World!